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We are working together to carve a topographical channel in our reality to create lives for ourselves that are as free, prosperous, fulfilling, and peaceful as possible. Transegoism views classical metaphysics and the post-modern understanding of Dasein as being equally necessary to a balanced worldview, and we see this as framing us into an over-arching religio-philosophical tradition, going back as far as Hermes Trismegistus, and continuing to Martin Heidegger and beyond. It is a philosophy that, within a perspective of thought that is phenomenological, proceeds in tandem with the ideas of thinkers in the field of depth psychology, such as Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, Carl Jung, and others, and sees metaphysical projection as the linguistic means by which meaning is realized a posteriori within this space of experience.

Casting a perspective on politics from this vantage point, we see ourselves as the spiritual and intellectual avant-garde of the individual freedom movement. We are here to inform a phenomenological frame of reference that is resonant with classical liberal values, while transcending the post-Cartesian enframing and metaphysical projections which, historically, have bound and limited the majority of individual freedom-based movements.

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The philosophy of Transegoism is consistent with most religions, and incorporates ideological elements traditionally associated with both Abrahamic and Eastern religious thought. While we recognize this interpretation as a projection upon these faiths, we consider it useful to look at the great world religions as various eventualities of the ancient Hermeneutic philosophical doctrine, and from this perspective, one can view each religion as having a specific mission for mankind - each of which is indispensable in its own unique way, and each with its own potential pitfalls that it is the mission of the Transegoists to use their influence to steer them away from to the extent that it is their purview to do so.

We believe that God, in simple terms, is identified with the universe itself, and that, as foci of consciousness and humanity, we all participate with Him to create and shape reality. Many of the metaphysical models that we use to develop exploratory systems of fact to mine Dasein for systems of meaning-condensation rely on drawing implications from the Standard Model of Physics and M-String Theory. We believe that most major fields in philosophy, such as metaphysics, ethics, politics, and, to a lesser extent, epistemology, are captured systems which are perspective dependent - but nevertheless subject to the rigors of logical validity, given the terms that grow organically out of the relevant projection. Given that we see our role as human beings to be that of co-creators with God, we consider Aesthetics to be prior to all other forms of philosophical inquiry, as it is via the creation of new modes of experience that we are able to shape our reality ahead of the linear experience.

While every political model is a projection, our philosophy is resonant with ideas about liberty and individual empowerment. We think that the future looks increasingly free of the initiation of violence against the individual by governments and individual criminals, and we think that the ability of the individual to shape his environment and creatively improve his life will continue to increase. If this sounds like an ideology that resonates with who you are, what you value, and what you’re trying to accomplish with your life, then we encourage you to contact us, and learn more about the philosophy of Transegoism.

A Short Introduction to Transegoist Ideas