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TRANSEGOISM.US PJ Cornell - Founder of the Transegoist Philosophy

Transegoism is a philosophy currently under development by PJ Cornell, who is a philosopher, psychologist, musician, entrepreneur, educator and US Army Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Infantry Officer. He graduated from Rice University in 2007 with degrees in Slavic Studies, Policy Studies, and Composition, as well as an Army ROTC commission from the University of Houston. He is currently attending the University of Dallas, where he is earning an MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Philosophy.

As the son of Christian missionaries, he spent a large portion of his childhood in Russia, where he was exposed to a culture that had just suffered the ravages of Communism, and the initial chaos of economic collapse that followed. After graduating college, he volunteered for a deployment to Iraq, where he was assigned to an infantry company attached to an MP BDE, tasked with running a detention center in Baghdad. When he returned, he started and ran recording and piano studio in Powderly, TX for two years, and then received orders to Camp Shelby, MS, where he ran the Demobilization Cell for a year.

While he was there, he began to develop the Transegoist philosophy, which, initially, was an outgrowth of his reexamination of his Christian faith from a Nietzschian and Cartesian philosophical perspective. When he returned, he moved to Richardson, TX, and then began graduate studies in philosophy and psychology. Upon being exposed to the ideas of Martin Heidegger and the ideas of the major thinkers in the field of depth psychology, he found that reexamining the ideas of Transegoism from a combined phenomenological and metaphysical perspective yielded much more profound insight when combined with the basic ideas he had already developed. He is actively recruiting like minded creators to cooperate with him on Transegoism as a philosophical, religious, and artistic thought project.

PJ Cornell runs [Transegoism.Us], which is a subsidiary of Cornell Enterprises, which also includes PJ’s online band page, [AsteriskedMusic.Com] and [EmergencePublishing.Org], which is the organization’s publishing wing. To contact PJ Cornell, send an inquiry via the Contact page of this site.

Copyright, 2017, PJ Cornell. [Transegoism.Us] is a [PJCornell.com] project. Call us at (214)227-2862, or email us at [Inquiries@Transegoism.Us].